Training Practice

The surgery has been accredited as being suitable as a training practice for trainee Doctors. Please accept them as a valued addition to our team.

The trainers in the practice are Dr Pawlik, Dr Umaro & Dr Sadek. Our GP registrars are with us for a few months at a time as part of their ongoing training. Video recordings of consultations are often used for training purposes and therefore you may be asked if you are willing to have your consultation videoed. You will be asked at the time you book your appointment if you consent to this. The training doctor and registrar are the only people to use the recording, it is then erased. to use the recording it is then erased.

There are occasions when medical students or registrars may need to sit in with one of the partners during their surgery. You will always be informed and have the right to decline if preferred. We enjoy having these doctors with us - please consult with them as any other doctor in the practice.