Repeat Prescriptions

Your doctor will inform you if your medication can be obtained through the repeat prescription process.

How to Order

  • Online - You are now able to order your repeat medication on-line, direct to the practice over an encrypted, secure link. Please use either the NHS App or Patient Access to request your medication (links above). Only use the Request Repeat Prescription link at the bottom of this page if you do not have access to online services. 
  • Post or By Hand - Always use the request slip printed on the right hand side of your repeat prescription. Just tick the items you need and either post or put it in the box by our entrance. 
  • Local Pharmacist - speak to your local pharmacy for more information on the ordering process 

Please note that we do not accept repeat prescription requests over the telephone as this is open to error and considered to be a high clinical risk.

Please allow 4 working days for prescriptions to be authorised by a GP and sent to a Pharmacy. 


Medication Reviews

There will be a Review Date printed on your repeat slip and the pharmacy will highlight this information if you are due a medicationr review. 

Not all medication reviews will require a face to face appointment. When you call to arrange a medication review, reception will first enquire what actions are needed before a medication review can be booked. 

In some cases a Medication review can be completed by:

  • following the link sent via text message and answering the questions - these then get reviewed by a GP
  • being sent for blood tests - depending on your medication and if the bloods results are satisfactory then your review date may be extended. 
  • Clinical Pharmacists are able to offer structured medication reviews for patients on 6 or more medications. 

Providing an appointment has been made we will continue to issue your prescription requests. If your medication review is cancelled our staff are not authorised to issue repeat medication passed this date. 

Unwanted Medicines

If you no longer need a medication - please advise us as soon as possible, and do not order it. If you look after the medication of a relative, please check they do not over-order or hoard. This can be risky and is a known waste of scarce NHS resource. If you are on long term repeat medication, you may find this is changed to a different brand. This is infrequent, but perfectly normal, and is undertaken where appropriate to ensure best use of NHS resources. You will be advised of any such change.